HUMAN Capital

We offer Human Capital Management and a variety of HR Services to help your organization with its Hiring needs. Our Professional Search & Recruiting teams work directly with you to achieve your company goals.  

Avicorp Estates can provide you with Residential Inspections, working with the best local Home Inspectors New Jersey has to offer.  We also offer Profitability Analysis, Real Estate Investment Advisory, Property Management, and other Residential Services. We work with Realtors, Brokers of Record, Homeowners, and Investors to develop, maintain, & secure your Assets.

Avicorp Aero connects you with Commercial Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Private Flights.  We can help with your Crew expansion projects, and are extremely dedicated to special projects and Aviation services.  For Private Jets and On-Demand Charter flights, we work with a Part 135 Partner. For Aviation Enthusiasts, here are some Aviation Statistics. Contact us for details!

AVIATION Solutions