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Avicorp currently manages approximately a large amount of Assets in Monmouth County in the form of Real Estate.  We are not a Real Estate Brokerage Agency - we Consult with Licensed Inspectors, Certified NJ Appraisers, and external Brokers of Record in Monmouth County, New Jersey, to help you evaluate, renovate, price, and inspect your property.  Avicorp can provide you with Residential Inspections, Appraisals, and General Contracting services as well as Investment/Property Analysis, Real Estate Advisory, and other Property Management Services.  We work with Homeowners and Real Estate Investors to develop, maintain, & secure your Assets.  

Avicorp Aero offers Private Aviation Services as needed as well as access to Private Aircraft.  For those seeking a Private Pilot License, we offer free Discovery flights, and will work with you along the way to become a Pilot.  We connect you with Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors, & also offer Aviation Hospitality Services as needed.  Our Aviation Consulting team can help you find Pilots and/or Crew for your upcoming trips.  We are committed to General Aviation and also offer other Aviation services.  For Private Jets and On-Demand Charter Flights, we work with a Part 135 Partner in the New York City area. For the Enthusiasts, here are some Aviation Statistics.

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